The Capitol theatre was a focal point in the community for close to 40 years. Competition from television caused the theatre to close its doors in the late 1960s. It was later reopened as the Golden Leaf Restaurant and remained in operation until the late 1990s. In 2004, we began renovations to convert the theatre back too its historic routes, and in 2008 Backstage Capitol opened. With its has superior acoustics and intimate setting, we attracted audiences and performers alike from all over North America. In addition to hosting live performances and concerts, it was also a sought after venue for weddings and other private functions with its European courtyard setting. Thousands of people looking for a unique venue have walked through the doors of the Backstage Capitol. 

In January 2020, with mixed emotions we announced that Backstage Capitol was  closing it doors. We are looking forward to retirement but it goes without saying that a decision such as this is a difficult one to make. We are sad to say goodbye.  Our venue is up for sale is and is our sincere hope that an individual or group sees the great potential in the venue - someone with the passion to take this historic building to new heights and the strategic mind to take it into the future!  

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