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Definitely not the opera

DDSS students liven up community stage in first showcase

Posted By Barbara Simpson — Delhi News-Record
Posted 23 days ago

If art is the reflection of a community, then local Delhi students flew open the doors to their own world by showcasing their rich palate of arts last Tuesday.

A collective of artistically-minded students and teachers at Delhi District Secondary School staged the inaugural Raider Arts Showcase at Backstage Capitol. It featured students and teachers from all artistic stripes — visual, musical and dramatic — showcasing their work on a community stage. Pieces of student art greeted the public in the local theatre's foyer, while cast members of the school's two current productions — Fleggar and The Wizard of Oz — entertained the packed theatre. Even some brave teachers ventured onto the stage, showcasing their own artistic talents by playing instruments and singing.

"A lot of the people we asked if they could do something today, so all things considered, they did really well," said Coco Lee, student organizer of the artistic showcase, during an intermission at the event.

In fact, some of these performances were even a surprise to the organizer. As Lee was winding down the first half of the showcase, Fleggar cast member Steven Reynaert announced he had a special performance. He then burst into a selection of Disney tunes, eventually asking fellow cast member Tyler VanHerzele to join him in a rendition of Hanuka Matata.

But some stuck with the more traditional. Student pianist Heather Myers played the song Nunsense is Habit-Forming — a plug to the upcoming community production of Nunsense set to appear at Backstage — and accompanied music teacher Janine Goodall who played her flute. Even Sears Drama staff adviser Natalie Woron blew the dust off her guitar, playing and singing a self-penned tune entitled The Song After the Last Song to a full theatre.

"I'm absolutely tickled," Woron said of the community response. "The cliché thing is that these kids work hard."

While the arts showcase was staged to help raise funds for the cast of Fleggar's upcoming Hamilton trip, its secondary mission was to shine a spotlight on the high school's thriving artistic scene.

"When the school sees the community, they only see the sports," Lee explained, adding it was the first time the school has partnered with Backstage — a venture she would like to see continue due to its "beautiful space."

Audience members were also treated to a showing of the 25-minute Sears Drama production of Fleggar. The DDSS original play was one of three high school productions that won at the district competition, allowing them to advance to the regional showcase in Hamilton for the first time in the school's history. While the cast will only be spending the day in Hamilton, the ensemble needs to raise $800 to rent a trailer and a bus, Lee explained.

Barbara Simpson

Definitely not the opera - Delhi News-Record - Ontario, CA

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