Joe Rapchak - Capitol Employee in 1934

We had an opportunity to visit with Joe Rapchak today. In 1934, at the of age 13 he was a ticket taker for the Capitol Theatre. At that time he made 25 cents a day. In the winter he had the additional task of keeping the boiler running. He remembers Rob Hambleton, the owner coming down from Simcoe every day to sell tickets, and people lining up in the hallway between the shoe store and pharmacy waiting for the second show to start. In those days there wasn't a concession stand. They sold popcorn in the city, but the smaller towns at that time didn't have such luxuries. Occasionally he had the opportunity to go upstairs to the project room. There was a projectionist and an apprentice who could become licensed after a few years of assisting. Prior to the movie starting the projectionist would insert a nickle in the film to mark the place where the second projector needed to be started, when the nickle fell to the ground they would start the 2nd projector for a seamless transition to the 2nd machine. Joe left the Capitol in the 40's but he didn't go far, he moved next door to the Imperial Theatre.

Warner with Joe Rapchak.


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